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About Sarah

Sarah met yoga over tea one morning years ago, and they hit it off famously. She began teaching in 2008, and currently offers public classes and private sessions to adults and children in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

With a background in both biology and science writing, Sarah views yoga in part as a process of deciphering the stories encoded in our bodies. She encourages her students to explore their own somatic stories with a spirit of curiosity and appreciation. She also brings this narrative approach to her teaching, whether taking four-year olds on an adventure to outer-space or adults on a search for their psoas.

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A lifelong student, Sarah’s primary teachers are Tias and Surya Little, founders of Prajna Yoga, a world-renowned school that weaves asana, anatomy, and mindfulness training. Sarah assists and co-teaches at Prajna Teacher Trainings and workshops on a regular basis, and mentors students in Prajna’s SATYA certification program. She has also trained in therapeutic yoga with Robin Rothenberg, and is certified to teach Robin’s highly effective Essential Low Back Program.

When she’s not on the mat, Sarah’s probably outside growing food and flowers, hiking, or rock climbing with her husband and pugs. The mother of three adult children, Sarah’s yoga journey has always been a practice of crafting a constantly evolving balance between the various facets of a full and meaningful life. She strives to impart her passion for yoga by offering classes that are inclusive, inspiring, and playful.

Adult Classes

Reduce stress and increase energy while gaining strength, flexibility, and focus.

Prajna Yoga integrates the outer practice of asana with deep insight into the inner experience. Sarah’s skillfully sequenced classes combine guided alignment and somatic awareness with breath-based movement to nourish and challenge students of all levels.

Mixed-level adult classes. Beginners and all body types welcome!
  • Wednesdays, 6:15-7:30 pm
  • Thursdays, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Classes meet at Tribe Yoga & Wellness, 1247 Central Avenue, Suite F 226, Los Alamos, NM
See Tribe Yoga & Wellness for pricing and special events.

Sarah adjusting student in teacher training class

Family Yoga

Designed for ages 2-5 with an adult, Family Yoga weaves poses into story, song, and games to foster creative expression while developing focus, sensorimotor and self-calming skills.
  • Pop-up classes meet occasionally at Family Strengths Network, 3540 Orange Street, Los Alamos, NM.
  • For upcoming classes, message Sarah using the form below and ask to be added to her Family Yoga mailing list.
Sarah with family yoga students

Private Sessions @ $60/hour

Sarah seeks to improve the overall health and well-being of her clients by offering personalized sessions that are integrative, educational, and rejuvenating. She often collaborates with local physical therapists and other body workers to facilitate patient recovery.

Unlike public classes, private sessions allow you to tailor your practice to your:

  • level of experience and capabilities
  • physical conditions or injuries
  • phase of life, including prenatal and postpartum
  • athletic pursuits

Private sessions also provide the opportunity to focus on:

  • particular types of poses (ie standing poses, arm balances, inversions, twists, backbends, forward bends, restoratives)
  • specific areas of the body
  • experiential anatomy
  • yogic practices such as pranayama or meditation
  • using personalized adjustments and props—including Sarah’s yoga wall ropes!!—to deepen your poses
Sarah adjusting student in class


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